Kentucky Law Enforcement Dispatches

Directory of Kentucky Law Enforcement Associations

Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT)
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475

John W. Bizzack, Commissioner

The Department of Criminal Justice Training provides entry-level and in-service training for approximately 20,000 students last year, including city and county police officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, university police, airport police, law enforcement telecommunicators and coroners. Training is also provided for officers charged with water enforcement, motor vehicle enforcement, alcoholic beverage control, mining reclamation and personnel from several other state and federal agencies. DOCJT is the first training academy in the United State and Canada to receive accreditation under the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Public Safety Training Academy Accreditation program.

Phone: 859-622-1328

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council (KLEC)
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475

Ken Schwendeman, Executive Director
Keith Cain, Executive Committee Chair
Luke Morgan, Executive Committee Vice-Chair
Mike Ward, Certification Committee Chair
Robert Ratliff, Professional Standards Committee Chair
Vacant, Curriculum Committee Chair

The Kentucky Law Enforcement Council *governs training for all of the state's law enforcement. The council is charged with certifying or approving law enforcement training schools, training instructors and curriculum, as well as administering the Peace Officer Professional Standards (POPS) certification process as prescribed by KRS 15.310 to 15.370.

* KLEC ex officio members:
Tad Hughes, Director of Southern Police Institute
Richard Badaracco, Commissioner of Criminal Investigations, Attorney Generals Office
Vacant, Dean of the College of Justice and Safety, EKU
Joe Cline, KY Assoc. of Chiefs of Police
Troy Young, KY Sheriffs' Assoc.
Berl Perdue, President of Fraternal Order of Police
Howard Logue, KSP
Ricky Lynn, Kentucky Peace Officer's Assoc.
Frank Kubala, DOCJT
Steve Conrad, Louisville Metro Police Department

* KLEC Members (appointed by Governor):
John Michael Ward, Alexandria Chief
John Cirigliano, Citizen at Large
Joe Cline, Rowan Co. Chief Deputy Sheriff
John Coyle, Woodford County Judge Executive
Wayne Hall, University of Louisville Chief
Jon Hayden, McCracken County Sheriff
Michael Ormerod, Prestonburg Police Chief
Patrick Boggs, Mason County Sheriff
Robert Ratliff, Ashland Police Chief
Luke Morgan, Attorney

Phone: 859-622-6218

Kentucky Assoc. of Chiefs of Police (KACP)
2230 Deep Creek Dr.
Madisonville, KY 42431

James Pendergraff, Executive Director
Richard Sanders, President
Michael Daly, 1st Vice President
Brandon Barnhill, 2nd Vice President
Tracy Schiller, 3rd Vice President
Craig Birdwhistell, Treasurer
Robert Ratliff, Sgt-At-Arms
Dan Smoot, Immediate Past President

The KACP fosters high professional standards of conduct, disseminates information on methods and procedures to prevent and combat crime and promotes public safety and citizen awareness. The KACP also works to secure proper legislation for the protection of the citizens of Kentucky and the advancement of the law enforcement profession. KACP maintains, inspects and awards departments a designation of state accreditation to those agencies meeting the federal guidelines. The KACP also awards grants to enhance traffic safety and community oriented policing and will continue to seek grant opportunities to enhance service to members.

Phone: 270-871-2040

Kentucky Sheriffs' Assoc. (KSA)
208 S. Main Street
Lawrenceburg, KY 40324

Jerry Wagner, Executive Director
Troy Young, President
Wayne Wright, 1st Vice President
Kevin Corman, 2nd Vice President
Craig Peoples, 3rd Vice President
Chuck Korzenborn, Sec/Treasurer
Patrick Boggs, Sgt-At-Arms
John Aubrey, NSA President
Keith Cain, NSA Director
Jerry "Peanut" Gains, NSA Director

The Kentucky Sheriffs' Association is a statewide organization of sheriffs and deputies, promoting the professionalization and quality of the office of sheriff through the legislative process. The association strives to maintain, ensure and encourage a high standard of ethics and integrity in the office of sheriff. The association supports the KSA Boys and Girls Ranch to allow underprivileged children to attend summer camp. Also, the association facilitates training for sheriffs and deputies across the state of Kentucky.

Phone: 859-502-4021

Kentucky Women's Law Enforcement Network (KWLEN)
521 Lancaster Avenue
Funderburk Bldg.
Richmond, KY 40475

Jennifer Colemire, President
Tiua Chilton, Executive Director
Leighann Stroud, 1st Vice President
Lindsey Hix, 2nd Vice President
Melissa Wartak, Secretary
Lisa Rudzinski, Treasurer
Emily Lising, Historian
Donitka Boyett, Chaplain
Northern Regional Rep: Tara Ruschell
Central Regional Rep: Elisha Farriell
Western Regional Rep: Nicole Hatchett
Eastern Regional Rep: Jennifer Sandlin

Kentucky Women's Law Enforcement Network welcomes all women and men in the criminal justice field, regardless of rank, assignment or department affiliation. In addition to sworn personnel, educators and students in the law enforcement fields of study, as well as other individuals interested in the law enforcement profession, are encouraged to become members. The goals for this organization include the promotion of mentoring and networking among federal, state and local law enforcement personnel, and to provide continued support, training and technical assistance to the members. KWLEN provides a mechanism of advocacy and support for its members to voice concerns and address law enforcement issues.

Phone: 859-474-0210

Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
6204 Price Lane
Louisville, KY 40229

Berl Perdue, Jr., President
Mike Sweeney, Vice President
Robert Bringhurst, 2nd Vice President
Denis Spalding, Secretary
Don Brashear, Treasurer
Scott Hildebrand, State Trustee
Tim Davis, Chaplain
Shawn Helbig, Sgt-At-Arms

Kentucky State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police, Inc., is an organization of law enforcement officers sworn to uphold and enforce the law under all legal circumstances equally among all citizens regardless of race, gender, religion or national origin. The FOP works to better existing conditions of law enforcement officers at the local, state and national levels through the legislative and judicial process to enhance training, pay and conditions of employment.

Phone: 502-964-7009

Kentucky Peace Officer's Association (KPOA)
P.O. Box 57
Lexington, KY 40588-0057

Ben Stickle, President
Craig Sutter, 1st Vice President
Chip Nowlin, 2nd Vice President
Melissa Polly, Secretary
Paul Stewart, Treasurer
Barry Cecil, Sgt-At-Arms

Having been organized in 1935 and incorporated in 1941 as a non-profit corporation, the Kentucky Peace Officers' Association, Inc. is the Commonwealth's oldest professional organization for law enforcement officers. Full-time, sworn peace officers in Kentucky from all walks are eligible for active membership. Those who are employed full time as law enforcement administrators or instructors are eligible for active membership provided they have been sworn peace officers prior to becoming an administrator and/or instructor. Retired peace officers are also eligible for active membership.

Phone: 859-312-1029

Kentucky State Police Professional Assoc. (KSPPA)
633 Chamberlin Avenue
Frankfort, KY 40601

Tim Hazlette, President
George Wells, 1st Vice President
Phil Crumpton, Treasurer
Kevin Payne, Chaplain
Curtis Wood, Sgt-At-Arms
Wendy Ball, Secretary

KSPPA is a nonprofit fraternal association composed of Kentucky State Police personnel. The objectives and purposes for which the association is organized are to promote fellowship and cooperation among its members, to promote the social, professional and economic condition of its members, to advance the professional reputation of the Kentucky State Police through the interchange of technical knowledge in police work and by fostering true police ethics, to promote the public interest as affected by the services of the Kentucky State Police, and to provide fair, impartial and professional police services to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Phone: 502-875-1625

Updated: 07/15